• ICT, Coding and AI
    School Curriculum
    Get Computer science books and teacher
    resources for British and CBSE schools.
  • ICT, Coding and AI
    For Schools
  • ICT, Coding and AI
    School Curriculum
    Get Computer science books and teacher
    resources for British and CBSE schools.


Technology is changing the way we learn, work and live. Many of the current jobs becomes obsolete in another 5 -10 years with automation and 50% of the new jobs will be those which don’t exist today.

Coding, understanding the language of the machines becomes a literacy and will provides vast opportunities in the digital world.

Cyber Square is a unique platform for students and teachers to get training on the latest technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, IoT etc. Cyber Square curriculum and platform will help kids to develop their own projects using the latest technologies.

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Headquarters in London, UK and offices in India, Canada & UAE

First company to teach coding from Grade 1

First company to launch AI aligned curriculum from Grade 2 in India

First company to launch AI Lab in any school in the UAE

Provides CBSE and ENC (British) curriculum

A concept evolved in 2014 and implemented first at Habitat School, UAE

Designed by NIT alumni, with other industry experts in the field of Education, Data Science & AI

30000+ students, 20 schools in India, UAE, Saudi Arabia & Bahrain







Benefits For Students

Critical Thinking

Design Thinking

Problem Solving






Logical Reasoning

What We Offer For Students

Digital Fest

These are the unique events conducted in Cyber Square integrated schools. Events like this will provide an opportunity for students to create and showcase their projects done using the latest technologies like Python, AI, Robotics, & IoT to the public. Students from Grade 1 to 12 can attend this event.

Online Platform

Every registered student will have a separate login account to the Cyber Square online learning platform. Here, they will be able to view their course progress, assignments provided by teachers, their batch performance, progress cards, and so on. They will be able to attend online exams and live classes.


We are providing Cyber Square textbooks to students. eTextbooks are also available. Cyber Square textbooks are designed by experts in the industry. They have designed it in such a way as to improve the academic performance of students in mathematics and science. In this textbook, Computer programming is covered from its basic level to advanced level.

Coding Club

Cyber Square helps schools to conduct coding clubs which will be helpful for students to come together, and discuss their creative ideas. This will be an opportunity for students to nurture their ideas under proper teacher's monitoring. Students who have membership in this club will get additional training on the latest technologies.

Preparation for tech competitions

Cyber Square can help students to prepare for National & International competitions. Coding clubs and digital fests conducted in Cyber Square integrated schools are a platform for students to discuss their creative ideas and develop creative projects. They will get an opportunity to learn the latest technologies.

UK Certification

Cyber Square courses help students to learn the latest technologies and make them capable of creating their own creative projects and thus improve their logical thinking and confidence. Students will get an opportunity to showcase their creative projects to the public. This will lend a way for students to get awards and recognitions.

How Cyber Square Helps Teachers

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